Spring has sprung in Pauanui

What do you do in Pauanui on a very soggy “spring” day with two lively grandkids in residence? Well, the first thing is you threaten them with dear life if they do not sleep in. That meant we woke to a rather quiet morning and at 8.30 am we took the tray upstairs laden with weetbix, honey sandwiches, tea, muesli and a poached egg for Pappy. That being said, it was a case of “move over, move over and we all moved over and one fell out!”

So the rain continued to fall and the games, puzzles, art and craft came out and Bella gave Nanny a lesson on making Pom poms with a fork. Now why was I never taught this at school? Simple – and one fluffy yellow duck is sitting on the shelf smiling at all of us. One stitched teddy and one stitched lion are also sitting here staring at me but it seems the glue gun was at fault for one whisker on the lion looking wonky!

Lunch – well six hands making lunch doesn’t always work a treat but somehow we managed to get an array of things on the plate AND, just in case Mum and Dad read this, NO sweet stuff! I might add the lunch had to happen early because, much to the detriment of Pappy’s stress levels, the blimmin rugby coverage was lost due to rain fade. Oliver was also most unhappy about this so it seemed sensible to use distraction techniques to get lunch. Fortunately for all concerned, the coverage came back on albeit with an increased score line so the two males here were not happy to have missed some action.

Pictionary was next on the agenda it seemed and we were split into two teams after some discussion which started out as “Adults vs kids” changed to “Grandparents vs kids”. Apparently, in our senior years we are no longer classed as adults! Heaven forbid. At the first break in the weather Nanny and Pappy decided to call a halt on the game and go for a walk which was not met with unanimous approval. However, it happened and we went investigating the beach, felled trees and the huge ponds of water that have flooded the place here. Back home for a shower and more rain. It was dark – Pappy pulled the dining room curtains and we announced that the kids could put on the pj’s after the shower. Then, suddenly, Pappy looked at me as if I was the stupid one and said “oh dear – it is only 3 pm”. Kids are in the pj’s – curtains are pulled – are we losing the plot?? What to do to extricate ourselves from this poor timing? So as I write this “Star Wars” is playing out here – two kids are sitting with popcorn and have just announced that at half-time in the movie it would be a very good idea to have an ice cream! Pappy and I are sitting here feeling like we are riding on Star Tours back at Disneyland and that at any minute we are likely to get shot down with this noise! Perhaps we could have a wine at 4 pm instead of at 6 pm today?

Kids are on dinner tonight – Tacos – so when this blimmin noise stops, if I haven’t been shot, I will organise them to grate cheese and cut tomatoes and lettuce and YES Mum and Dad – there will be ice cream for dessert because they are on holiday with Nanny and Pappy!

And by the way – even if I have memory fade I have Bella. She has just reminded me to go and pick the herbs for the bread that they are going to make for tomorrow because she just happened to notice that the rain has eased to a drizzle!! Everyone needs a Bella!

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