Well here we are in our confused states surrounded by every piece of clothing suitable for a heat wave or a blizzard and the one in charge of the B’s (baggage, beer and “the blonde” who in the past three years has changed to grey!) is already thinking about how he is going to pull two trolley cases whilst wearing a backpack so any minute now there will be some minimization taking place which will in turn cause an upset! It seems Covid has caused us to forget how to pack!

We have been practicing eating with chopsticks for a couple of years – five in fact when we had all this sorted but instead of China and Japan my holiday was in NS Hospital where I had no need of the passport, perfume, walking shoes and I did definitely not get to use chopsticks! So here we go again – a lot more hopeful of a good holiday. I have had a refresher course on my part of the contract – in charge of the P’s – people, paperwork, passports, Pinot Grigio, payments, pens, iPads, pressing and washing, pills, photos, pillows, purses, purchasing, presents, plugs, problems, phone calls – heaven forbid this seems unfair. I think there will be some renegotiating going on tomorrow when we sit for 12 hours on a plane!

We will keep you posted on how things are going – as you know the biggest issue is always the bathrooms so we live in hope that Japan will have all this sorted and there is no need to read a manual in order to turn on the shower without getting a firehose in your face! Sayonara for now.