Preparing for takeoff

Well dear friends and family – we are about to hit the road again with liftoff taking place 9.45 pm Tuesday 21 June. This time we are headed to the land of maple syrup, followed by the land where Donald and Hilary have the entire nation captured in their antics, followed by the bright lights of Las Vegas, the searing heat of the Grand Canyon, the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and then as far north as Santa’s house in the Arctic Circle. So you will all sympathise with the extreme stress of exactly what to pack to cover off temperatures which climate change has made very challenging! At present the pile of clothes is looking like we might need a shipping container. However, I know as soon as the boss and I have the meeting to decide what goes and what stays, what makes the cut will likely fit into a toilet bag. Well…… not quite!

Anyway, we have had the meeting to resume our previous responsibilities. I am sure you remember the drill – HE is in charge of the B’s (bags and the blonde!) SHE is in charge of the P’s (passports and paperwork). I think this is extremely fair. He gets to drag two cases and 45 kg, which some of you may think is pretty one-sided. But I have to deal with grumpy immigration clerks and customs officials. This requires tact and lots of Kiwi smiles I can tell you. I understand that Vern’s job requires muscle but he will cope – of that I have no doubt because it is either that or we run around naked for 10 weeks and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, which you would prefer if it were you.

So dear friends, we will keep you posted of our travels. You will know from past trips that there are challenges along the way we will undoubtedly overcome – as we have in the past. You may remember the bathrooms of Italy and France! I have spent time studying the bathrooms of North America and I am confident the challenges in that department will be minimal but I will keep you updated on that because we may find that Trip Advisor is wrong! I have had a quick refresher course in French to ensure we can still greet people at any time of the day with a smile and a greeting and we can still order two baguettes with ham and cheese when we are starving. All good. Au Revoir for now. You will hear from us at the next pit stop – Montreal.

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