Lift-off Cancelled

We have learned over the past year or so that little blips can raise their head at the most inappropriate times and the past few weeks has done just that. So……… lift-off had to be cancelled and this amazing trip we have looked forward to for the past 12 months has gone up in a puff of smoke. BUT we must not dwell on that and rather be very grateful that this little medical event happened here at home instead of in Beijing this week or next. After a week in hospital the clothes had to be packed away for another day, another time and, for now, we are both content with that because this is where we need to be for monitoring over the next few months.
It certainly isn’t a time to be sad – how can you be when you get the most wonderful medical care here at home? How can you be when you have grandchildren who provide joy and have all sorts of things planned for us to attend – soccer, netball, hockey, band concerts, holidays in Pauanui and visits from the older ones for lunch when they can squeeze it in? We are lucky.
In the meantime, if we do anything exciting and it is worth reporting I will post something to make you smile.
Our travel books will come out again to plan the next adventure in a wee while. Meanwhile – stay well, take care, make the most of every day and…….. keep smiling.

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