Liftoff to Prague

Well, almost exactly one year ago we had to abandon our China-Japan trip which was so long in the planning and which we were looking forward to so much. With all the clothes out ready to pack we only got as far as the local hospital so the chopsticks had to go back in the drawer! BUT, after many consultations, two holidays in North Shore Hospital and more medications, here we are – ready for takeoff! So Prague, here we come and we are excited to see your beauty and learn your history which means, dear friends and relatives, we will keep you updated on our journey from Prague to Berlin, then to Paris and Normandy, then to Budapest and on to Amsterdam all the while sailing peacefully on beautiful river boats amongst magnificent scenery. When we have completed the journeys on the rivers we are off to London to travel through the Lake District and Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We love sharing our journeys with you so come along for the ride where there are sure to be more bathroom hiccups and tons of laughs along the way. I am thinking that we are experienced in the use of some of the more unusual bathrooms of France and Germany but what about Prague and those little villages down the river? I am wondering what challenges might be awaiting us. The Guide Books and Wikipedia don’t give us any help at all with this! The one in charge of the B’s – the boss! (Budget, baggage) is ready to go (but the bags will get a thorough going over before we reach the airport and I am thinking that some of the things I have slipped in might not make the cut!! In fact I am thinking, based on previous experience, that I will likely only make the cut if I can fit it all into a backpack!) Once again I am in charge of the P’s (paperwork, people, passports) but with all this new technology actually there isn’t too much paper but we will be in a pickle if I lose the iPhone or the iPad. I have loaded all the Apps and have about 48 hours to learn how to use them! Heaven forbid! So bye bye to our GP, our ophthalmologist, our gastroenterologist, our cardiologist, our Trinity radiologists, our hospital consultants, doctors and nurses, and our family – thank you to you all for getting us at least onto the plane albeit with a caseload of meds!! We are blessed. We really hope that we wont need your excellent support whilst we are away but we have all your phone numbers and emails loaded!!!

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